Adéṣọlá is a lover of God, writer, songwriter, poet and a music addict who has undeniable love and passion for music more than the industry.

That same passion endears him to the booth, finally spurring him on into deciding to cut his teeth in the art he truly treasures.

Even though he started out as a rapper with strict reservations for Hiphop, he couldn’t avoid been drawn back to his music background spanning across various music genres of Soul, R&B, Rock, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Juju and Fuji, just to mention a few.

His type of music is Inspirational and Urban Contemporary and his in-depth style of songwriting and Yorùbá roots often reflect in his songs.

ÌBÀ (meaning Reverence) is his first offering from his forthcoming album. The song, produced by Sunky, is an illustration of God’s incontestable divine supremacy and power over all things, stressing the need for God to be revered in all circumstances and situations.